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Our New Arbiters of Truth: Google, Twitter and Cues of Online Credibility

In our modern era of splintered trust and millions of media niches, how do we decide that something is credible and trustworthy? A little funny episode of mistaken identity on twitter gave me an interesting view into these issues. I come … Continue reading

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Please allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Hello readers! Welcome to the new home of Cedar’s Digest. I have decided to integrate my blog with my professional website, no longer putting a wall between my blog and my website that presents a more professional and scholarly profile. … Continue reading

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Social Media as a Catalyst for Psychological Science

Can social media serve as a catalyst for psychological science? I think many scientists are rightly skeptical of social media as a replacement for other normal scientific processes. Peer review will not be replaced by Tweep Review. Methods sections will not be … Continue reading

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Google-fu is discipline-specific

I just used a “21st century skill” (teh Googlez, I uses it) to help an anthropologist colleague track down some good starting points on social psychology as it relates to inequality, oppression and resilience. And it reminded me what I … Continue reading

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Put your Head up to the Meta – A Peer Reviews Post-Post Publication Peer Review – A Bargh full of links

Attention conservation notice: This post dives into some inside baseball stuff on social psychology, how the science of psychology is practiced, and how science is communicated online. It is kind of long, but I intend it as sort of a … Continue reading

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Essentialism and Peer Review

I recently read a little back and forth on the Scientific American blogs, and it reminded me of a few pet peeves I have of science writing and how the public understands science (in particular psychology) in general. Thought I … Continue reading

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Googling while Memory Burns?

For new readers, one of the enduring themes of this blog, and of my teaching is that I am a big fan of facts and a doubter of the efficacy of teaching skills (21st century or otherwise). At the same … Continue reading

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The Big Sort and Twitter:The Kindred Spirit Machine

I have been actively using twitter for about two weeks now, and I have to say I am enjoying it far more than when I first joined twitter, 4 years ago. I have also been reading The Big Sort, by … Continue reading

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How the internet make us smart, but makes us feel like idiots

>My last post was about a science blog-world kerfuffle. Since I had spent hours looking over these comments, on a few different blogs, trying to pull together the story, and another hour or two writing my post, applying my expert … Continue reading

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Getting smart about Wise Crowds, or Some stuff even really smart people don’t know about science

> I found a discussion between scientists, science writers, and journalists online that I found really fascinating, I thought I would share thoughts here. It relates to a few common themes of mine: that scientific thinking is unnatural, and that … Continue reading

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