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Professor, Heal thyself! On unprofessionalism and lack of empathy in (complaints about) student emails

A recent op-ed in the Guardian, entitled “I’m not LMAO at ridiculous student emails” lodges a familiar complaint: students don’t know how to communicate with professors in a professional manner, flaunting reasonable social codes and ignoring professors busy lives outside … Continue reading

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Please allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Hello readers! Welcome to the new home of Cedar’s Digest. I have decided to integrate my blog with my professional website, no longer putting a wall between my blog and my website that presents a more professional and scholarly profile. … Continue reading

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What I Did on My Summer “Off”

Hi folks, been a while since I blogged at ya. School starts in a few short weeks (on Labor Day for us), so I thought I would ¬†briefly fill you in on what I have been up to this summer. … Continue reading

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Quick thoughts on the what and why of science outreach

Scicurious and Kate Clancy recently shared some interesting thoughts about science outreach. Sci was pointing out that scientists have a lot on their plates, and being held accountable for not reaching out to the public doesn’t make sense when all the … Continue reading

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Final Exam for my History of Psychology class (take home, open book, open notes)

Here is my final exam for the class I teach of all seniors in psychology. It is a capstone course, intended to provide a capstone experience for the majors in psychology, a required element for all students at Randolph-Macon. I … Continue reading

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“Then, they came for the 3rd grade teachers, and I said nothing”

German pastor Martin Niemoller is quoted as saying First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Put your Head up to the Meta – A Peer Reviews Post-Post Publication Peer Review – A Bargh full of links

Attention conservation notice: This post dives into some inside baseball stuff on social psychology, how the science of psychology is practiced, and how science is communicated online. It is kind of long, but I intend it as sort of a … Continue reading

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Purple Doesn’t Exist: Some thoughts on Male Privilege and Science Online

I don’t often write about gender and science, but I have been thinking and reading about it lately. If you were hoping for my typical aloof lecturing, or overblown (yet intellectual) ranting, just wait a few days (or you could … Continue reading

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Economists to teachers: We’ve dropped the “Deselection” and moved straight to “Fire ’em”

I had a few thoughts about the big teacher quality and VAM study that came out today that I wanted to share before they float away. My thoughts are less about the methods of the study itself and more about … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: Case Studies and Testimonials

This chapter deals with an enduring theme in my own thoughts, and a tension between the practice of science and the limits of the human mind. Those pieces of evidence which we naturally find convincing do not do real work … Continue reading

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