Please allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Hello readers! Welcome to the new home of Cedar’s Digest.

I have decided to integrate my blog with my professional website, no longer putting a wall between my blog and my website that presents a more professional and scholarly profile.

I began a blog in 2005, posting some book reviews that I submitted for the Virginia Quarterly Review (many did not actually get printed, as a graduate student, you could get a free review copy if you pledged to write a 500 word review). Here’s a good one on Rebekah Nathan’s My Freshmen Year, in which an anthropology professor goes back to college (undercover) and tells of her experience. I also posted random stuff I found that I thought was cool. Like the Chronicles of Narnia rap. Or extolling the virtues of McSweeney’s Lists.

As time has gone on, I have found my blog becoming more formal and bigger part of my professional and scholarly work. I find myself trying to restrict my blogging to issues where my training and expertise give me something unique to contribute, and therefore, while still often personal, it has become a lot more professional.

So now, in the tabs above, you can see how I structure some of the facets of my professional life. I hope that people who read or find the blog might also find some of the rest of the site useful as well. If you find yourself drawn into a blog post about higher education advising, you could read about my advising philosophy, or even find some useful forms that I use to guide my students through the process of asking for a recommendation.

One final note, I have also moved, from the website, to my own hosted site. I have been inspired by the Open VA conference, and wanted to take more control of my own web identity. My entire site in now hosted by Reclaim Hosting, a wonderful little company run by people associated with Mary Washington University, Jim Groom and Tim Owens. I have had a great experience with them so far, and I would recommend very Reclaim Hosting highly for anyone, especially academics, looking to take control of their own web identity. One benefit for you, dear reader, is that there will no longer be any ads on any pages.

Ok, thanks for reading, and I would welcome any comments on any aspect of the site.


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6 Responses to Please allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

  1. Jim Groom says:


    Thank you for the kind words, and we already got a referral from this post because obviously people not only read your work, but take your advice :0 I guess that means the pressure is on. Let us know if you need anything, and a new open source application we are supporting, Known (, is interesting in terms of allowing you to push your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and other social updates through your own application, effectively keeping them all in your own database. We were playing with that in LA this weekend, alongside the developers, and it has real implications for the idea of reclaiming your digital identity.

    Anyway, let Tim and I know if we can help in anyway, and again thanks for the shout out here, we designed Reclaim Hosting with exactly this distributed community of educators in mind.

    • Cedar Riener says:

      That is great to hear. Always glad to recommend services when I have a great experience. It’s funny, but web hosting would be the last thing that I would expect to support a local (or it feels local, in terms of our academic community) small business, but it has worked out wonderfully. I will check out Known soon, thanks for the heads up.

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  3. Becky says:

    Hi! I was following your previous blog via an RSS feed. Do you have your blog updates in RSS format on this site? I can’t seem to find a link/button… Thanks!

  4. Becky says:

    Whoops, just found the RSS links under ‘Meta’. Nevermind!

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