5 Bites of Politics: Feb 3

To understand:

I thought this piece in The Intercept an interesting investigation on how many white supremacists have infiltrated police departments and the military. The FBI in the past has tried to monitor and prevent white supremacist terrorism but that has met with political opposition. Reform to prevent white supremacists in these positions has proven harder with local police departments than with the military.

Last year, a group of progressive members of Congress called on President Obama and DHS to update the controversial 2009 report. “The United States allocates significant resources towards combating Islamic violent extremism while failing to devote adequate resources to right-wing extremism,” they wrote. “This lack of political will comes at a heavy price.”

To inspire:

One of my heroes in this is the Reverend Dr. William Barber II, the head of North Carolina’s NAACP and the leader of the Moral Mondays movement, a successful movement of protest and teaching that centered on the capitol in Raleigh. I personally am not a Christian, but I find his arguments about the connection between morality and protest quite inspiring and centering. He calls this movement “A Third Reconstruction,” tying our current efforts to those both of the activists in the civil rights movement, but also to those abolitionists and other leaders immediately after the Civil War who worked to build an equal society then. I find this an inspiring history to be a part of.

To give:

The Legal Aid Justice Center provides legal aid for low-income Virginians since 1967. They were there at Dulles Airport in the pandemonium around the Muslim ban, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t gotten the 24 million that the ACLU did in the aftermath of that unconstitutional instance of religious bigotry.

To laugh:

For some reason I am loving this @TrumpDraws twitter account:

To do:

Here is a tool that I find really useful to make calls to my representatives.



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