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5 bites of politics: Feb 4

To understand: This interview and article from Robinson Meyer is super interesting, with the director of Snopes (the online myth-busting site) about the rise of fake news targeted to people on the left. I think a good reminder is that … Continue reading

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5 Bites of Politics: Feb 3

To understand: I thought this piece in The Intercept an interesting investigation on how many white supremacists have infiltrated police departments and the military. The FBI in the past has tried to monitor and prevent white supremacist terrorism but that … Continue reading

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A New Feature: Cedar’s Digest – 5 bites of politics

I went to a local organizing group meeting today, a bunch of people in my local community who are mostly new to politics and feel angry, upset and overwhelmed but motivated to do what they can to change this situation … Continue reading

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On the Truth and Importance of “I Told You So”

As millions more become politically engaged in these dark times, there has been a fair amount of Columbusing (discovering what was already there). “This is the beginning of a movement” or “first they came for the immigrants and we said … Continue reading

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Free Speech and Fighting Fascism

Three events which presage the world to come and require us to choose which conflicting values we prioritize. Up to now there has been a building uncomfortable stalemate on some of our social tensions, the Trump/Bannon era will escalate these … Continue reading

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Colorblindness is Racism

I started with a provocative headline, but I have come to believe that this is a necessary approach if we want to design policies and systems that bend the arc of our moral universe towards justice. Let me start with … Continue reading

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Learning the Wrong Lessons from Newtown

It is four years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, and we’ve had the benefit of extensive investigation and reflection. Many of the open questions in those horrible moments and days after the shooting have been answered, but we … Continue reading

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5 truths about character and poverty that David Brooks has too much self-control to grasp

My David Brooks posts tend to be blockbusters (tens of hundreds of viewers!) so I am leaning in and going full listicle for this rant about his latest column, which in Brooksian fashion puts a modern social scientific sheen on old conservative … Continue reading

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Student Learning and Labor Policies, follow up

My piece for the Atlantic ran yesterday, on how student learning is not directly connected to exploitative labor policies. I had some interesting conversations, on twitter and over email, so I thought I would share those with my readers. It … Continue reading

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Teaching and learning, labor and fairness

It seems a requirement that any conversation about higher education in America must begin and end with costs and economic outcomes. Along the way, our economic analysts nod to the power of knowledge (economic research shows it improves career prospects!), … Continue reading

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