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The way you saw that dress, what a mess, I confess: A cognitive psychologist sees a dress

The internet was finally broken yesterday, not by a West or a Kardashian, nor by Beliebers, but rather by disbelievers. #TheDress, in which some people see blue/black, some people see white/gold, some people see blue/gold, and some people, no … … Continue reading

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Four thoughts about Student Evaluations (occasioned by sexism in

This post is occasioned by Ben Schmidt’s wonderful tool for exploring gender differences on words used in student evaluations on RateMyProfessor. 1. RateMyProfessor is a huge, but awful data set. Why awful? First, I’d bet that well under 1% of … Continue reading

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Conference Blogging from the American Psychological Convention

Hello loyal readers, Today and tomorrow I will be conference blogging (and livetweeting) from the American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Please tune in over there, here is the blog, and my first post on the diversity of psychology. More to … Continue reading

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5 truths about character and poverty that David Brooks has too much self-control to grasp

My David Brooks posts tend to be blockbusters (tens of hundreds of viewers!) so I am leaning in and going full listicle for this rant about his latest column, which in Brooksian fashion puts a modern social scientific sheen on old conservative … Continue reading

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Our New Arbiters of Truth: Google, Twitter and Cues of Online Credibility

In our modern era of splintered trust and millions of media niches, how do we decide that something is credible and trustworthy? A little funny episode of mistaken identity on twitter gave me an interesting view into these issues. I come … Continue reading

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Please allow me to (Re)Introduce Myself

Hello readers! Welcome to the new home of Cedar’s Digest. I have decided to integrate my blog with my professional website, no longer putting a wall between my blog and my website that presents a more professional and scholarly profile. … Continue reading

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