5 bites of politics: Feb 6


Great historically informed look at the ideology of government held by many in Trump’s administration (including Bannon, but also Sessions and others) by Jamelle Bouie.

Defenders of pluralism have a tremendous struggle ahead of them. But as they mobilize and defend, they must understand the stakes. This is a fight to protect our multiracial democracy. It’s the latest in an old fight, one that goes back to our Reconstruction, when freedmen, freemen, and their white allies tried to build true democracy in the former Confederacy.

You can read more about “Intellectuals for Trump” in this New Yorker piece by Kalefa Sanneh.


I listened to the Fresh Air interview of NYPD’s youngest ever chaplain, and 2nd ever Muslim chaplain, Imam Khalid Latif over the weekend. He was so great, answering questions with complexity and compassion, but also pushing back on premises that even liberal, tolerant Terry Gross couldn’t help avoiding in some of the questions. He described being at a September 11th remembrance ceremony (one of his roles as a chaplain) and being approached by the FBI as possibly suspicious.

And so where I couldn’t say anything and there was hundreds of people who were watching and they said nothing, there was a woman standing next to me who lost her son on September 11. And she said to those men that what you are doing right now is more dishonoring to the memory of our loved ones that we lost on that day than anything else. That here this young man is standing with us in our moment of need, and you’re making it seem as if he’s doing something wrong just because he’s Muslim.

GROSS: And what was the response to that?

LATIF: Well, they got very uncomfortable (laughter) and kind of just…


Melissa McCarthy was great as Sean Spicer, but I loved the fake Totino’s ad on SNL this weekend.


Today I’ll just shout out your professional or workers organization. Small local organizations can definitely use your help, but you may not realize the good political work or lobbying on your behalf that your professional organization does. Organizations like professional societies and unions track legislation, advocate for policies, and can serve as great resources in times when greater political mobilization is necessary. If you haven’t yet, join yours!


Call your reps today! I’m going to reiterate my support for the Affordable Care Act.

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